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IELTS 2021 | 2 Views and Opinion

While some people think that working hard can increase the possibilities of financial freedom, others believe that numerous factors are fundamental to acquire financial success. From my perspective working smarter is better than working more than 40 hours per week or under extreme working conditions. Below, it will be explained both views with arguments and illustrations.

On the one hand, it is commonly believed that people working hard can help to acquire financial success. Individuals working 60 hours per week, having 2 or 3 jobs, and in some cases without off days tend…

2021 | IELTS Problem/Solution Question

Urban centers, countrysides, and seas have been poisoned by more and more plastic pollution. This environmental challenge is causing biodiversity loss. However, if governments implement a well-structured awareness campaign to educate about this issue, we could have a greener future. Below, I will extend my ideas about problems and solutions regarding plastic waste.

(PROBLEM) On the one hand, biodiversity loss if one of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. Unfortunately, when plastic trash reaches the oceans, woods, and outdoors where there is wildlife, they are extremely likely to be affected by plastic containers. Depending on…

It is commonly believed that foreign aid helps nations without intentions of receiving anything back. However, numerous studies have shown that several poorer nations have resources that are the main interest of the developed countries delivering foreign help. Likewise, a foreign aid could collaborate for a wealthy country as a political tool and strategy to work their own needs.

Nowadays, wealthy nations have been highly active collaborating through foreign aid towards poorer nations. Worldwide and regardless of social status, any individual would believe that this action is a kind activity with no shady intentions back. However, in order to show…

In your letter:

  • explain how you knew about the plans
  • describe the negative effect of the construction on your neighborhood
  • suggest a possible solution to the problem.

Questions and samples related to topic “COMPLAINT,CONSTRUCTION”:

Dear, Mr. Winters

I am writing to express my concern and disagreement with the reported construction of a new airport in Coast Beauty.

I am the leader of a non-profit organization, The Lungs of the Earth, and yesterday we were informed that you are planning to build on a national protected area.

A plethora of detrimental outcomes can be found in your plans. Firstly, Coast Beauty is the neighborhood…

What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?

#IELTS Tested on January 2021

In numerous countries, surveys have shown that human beings are living longer. However, having an increased number of senior citizens in diverse societies has outcomes proper to discuss. Below we will explore the implications for elderly citizens in societies and for the individuals as human beings with needs and feelings.

On the one hand, societies with a higher rate of senior citizens should pay special attention to their public services. Aging in life implies a higher tendency to acquire diseases, due to a reduced immune system. Since physical strength decreases people move slower and lose…

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Tested on January 2021 #IELTS

In the learning process of another language. The way the language is spoken, heard, read, and written is equally important. From my personal perspective, people should master all four skills to develop a clear understanding of the new language.

Firstly, to be completely integrated with the new language, new learners should develop knowledge in the four main aspects. Unfortunately, if an individual learns how to speak but does not know how to write or read, the language would not be completely functional. It is proven by our ancestors and slaves that people could work without…

A foreign friend of yours plans to visit your place and stay with you, but you are not available on that date. Give your friend another alternate date for the visit.

In your letter, you should:

-apologize for it

-explain what you are doing on that date

-suggest to him/her an alternate time to come.

Dear Molly,

Hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing to follow up on your plans to visit to RD, and I want to apologize, because I will be out of the country, and won´t be able to stick to our plan. I’m really sorry!

The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to make all young drivers complete a safe driving education course before being licensed to drive. #IELTS

The increasing number of traffic accidents is surprising. However, this is not an issue that decreases young emotion to be behind the wheel. Under these circumstances, it is significant to have clear the reasons why the best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is with safe driving education course before being licensed to drive.

Nowadays, young individuals must keep in mind that taking a driver training course before obtaining their…

It is commonly believed that rich countries should pay more for environmental damage, which is a reasonable statement. However, poor countries should also play their part in a problem that belongs to the whole world. Poorer nations can elevate in their population a better understanding of environmental challenges.

It is widely recognized that numerous multinationals are located in developing countries. Usually, these industries have detrimental effects on the natural resources of the country where they are located. The latest illustration of environmental damage was held in Brazil. The Amazons which are the lungs of Planet Earth was the victim of…

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