Common Advantages and Disadvantages of working in an airline station as Passenger Service Agent.


At present, jobs in aviation are very stressful and being a passenger service agent could be a perfect epitome.

A large amount of people believes that a huge disadvantage of working at the airport would be the shifts schedules. As an illustration, some companies have several frequent flights a day to a city which is not their hub, in other words: a city could have just 5 flights a day, as a result, five arrivals with five departures is equal to representatives working through the entire day.

The big drawback of these shifts schedules are the negative effects in the physical and mental health of the employee, especially due the time ups and downs, your body never get used to it, and even when you think you are doing great, your body will brings about an unhealthy bill.

As well as your affected health, the shifts could impact your personal life, which sometimes can lead you to depression.

Consequently, the work environment could be difficult, especially when is fulfill with people dealing with different medical and social conditions. Following this further, most of the airports are located far from the crowd city, and besides that, some companies do not cover all the transportation, which is a headache, especially after working a night shift.

That being said, if you are thinking about quitting remember that your job is not special, anyone could do it, because usually agents in good airlines learn almost all the assignations to give the best customer service experience such as: boarding processes, check in, baggage claim, reservations, aeronautical operations and so on.

The worst of working in an airline extension would be the lack of opportunities to grow, likewise, the big downside of the payment, because even though all the negative effects mentioned above in your life, the hours are paying like a regular job.

Unquestionably everything is not negative, a well-known advantage is the possibility of travel to many countries paying just the airport taxes, including the fact that you can learn from different cultures every day.

Besides, despite the difficult shifts, they are a double-edged sword, because if you talked to your manager in advanced, you can accomplish your studies while working.

Another positive aspect is the fact that you wear a uniform, therefore, you don’t need to think about an outfit every day and to conclude an argument in favor of the difficult customers during irregular operations such as delays or cancelation is that they help you to build stronger customer service skills, such as communication and conflict resolution.

All things considered, working for an airline in a country outside the hub would be extraordinary for a short period. Personally speaking, with a regular payment I did in my twenties what many people do when they are getting older, to travel.

In the words of Julius Caesar: ¨As a rule, men worry more about what they can´t see than about what they can¨ If you can obtain a highly-respected position, probably to stay is worth it, if not take off.

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