Does foreign aid help donor countries more than the recipients?

It is commonly believed that foreign aid helps nations without intentions of receiving anything back. However, numerous studies have shown that several poorer nations have resources that are the main interest of the developed countries delivering foreign help. Likewise, a foreign aid could collaborate for a wealthy country as a political tool and strategy to work their own needs.

Nowadays, wealthy nations have been highly active collaborating through foreign aid towards poorer nations. Worldwide and regardless of social status, any individual would believe that this action is a kind activity with no shady intentions back. However, in order to show moral values and global responsibility, some governments give foreign aid. More than a political moral tool, foreign help could be equally used to develop more financial wealth. For instance, numerous countries in Africa are under detrimental social circumstances. Even though these countries are affected by temporary problems they own valuable natural resources (such as petroleum, soil oil) which are the unseen interest of some foreign aid. Probably these developed countries will try eventually to acquire trades without caring about damaging effects.

On the other hand, foreign aid helps to mitigate some problems in developed nations. The United States is a perfect epitome of a developed country which is using foreign aid as a political tool to eliminate immigration challenges. It is well-known that in order to reduce immigrants staying illegal in their nation, The United States collaborates with poorer nations. By doing this, citizens in poorer countries are not always motivated to leave their homes.

As cross-cultural awareness of political challenges grows, developed countries should invest in long-term projects with main challenges in poorer nations such as education. This tactic would guarantee, that even if they are taking something away from the nation in the present, eventually poorer nation citizens will have the knowledge to well managed their resources.

In conclusion, individuals in undeveloped countries can be happy to receive unexpected help. However, some powerful reasons are usually resting behind those political actions. In some cases, with detrimental effects on the developing nation.

Foreign aid could collaborate for a wealthy country as a political tool and strategy to work their own needs.

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