Factors related to academic success in high-school students. #IELTS

In today´s modern world, academic success is related to diverse factors. Well-prepared instructors, as well as, family intervention is fundamental in high-school students. Below, the following essay will demonstrate the reasons why instructors and family are crucial for high-school students.

Firstly, well-educated teachers create high-performing students. It is proven that teenagers during high-school stage are as demanding as adults are. Since we are living in the information era, an instructor lacking professional preparation does not motivate the success of any student. On the contrary, elite instructors having high-level education besides amazing teaching skills intervene as a key factor to foster the creativity of high-school students. In fact, in a recent survey of over nine hundred high-school students, it was asked one specific question: does the education workforce is important in your success? The outcome was well above ninety percent answering yes.

Secondly but not least important, it was recently found that family motivation plays an important role even during high-school. It is commonly believed that just primary children need special attention from their parents. However, high-school teenagers need family communication to succeed. During the young adult stage, some challenges are faced. Having a family member asking for assignments, verifying performance, and discussing social common topics is vital to acquire success. Recently research based on public files and made by the University of British Columbia found that numerous high-school students fall behind, drop courses, reduced marks in discipline, and had low grades after demonstrating family issues.

In conclusion, instructors and family are crucial in the education of high-school young adults. Without those two main factors, it would be impossible to guarantee success in them. Well-prepared teachers may guarantee not just knowledge but also motivation. On the other hand, family member complements all the unforeseen factors that are important in any individual success.

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