Further measures to assist disabled people

In most countries, disabled people are not catered for adequately, e.g. buildings are often inappropriately designed. Governments rely too heavily on charities and voluntary organizations to provide assistance and funding. What further measures could be taken to assist disabled people? #IELTS

As awareness of equal rights and human inclusion grows, equally should increase the proper treatment to disabled individuals. However, numerous countries do not treat disabled people adequately. Unquestionably, several governmental measures can be implemented to improve the welfare of individuals with disabilities. Such as updated technological networks, health services, housing with financial aid, increasing trained helpers like sign-language interpreters, providing training for guide dogs, establishing activities for people with mental retardation, improving transportation and infrastructure. Below measurements in detail to be taken by governments and ordinary people.

All human beings should have an inclusive assessment of the challenges that disabled people face. Furthermore, since governments have the responsibility to protect their citizens, they should be paying special attention to disabled citizens, to guarantee they are living under the right conditions.

Even though adequate infrastructure is highly considered by a huge amount of nations, some other measurements should be taken to reinforce the quality of life of disabled individuals and decrease the gap with ordinary civilians. For instance, healthcare must be improved to help more with financial aid regardless of the nation, this is considering the high cost of living of a person with disabilities. To illustrate this point, a lower-class family that was not expecting a child with special care will face a higher budget than the required for a healthy child.

On the other hand, governments can promote the inclusion of signal language on television and any other visual media. Besides, the right access to transportation can be developed for human equality. Following this further, regardless of material actions, the government should invest funds in a good education system, not just for disabled people, but also for ordinary citizens. Both should understand how to help each other to break the regular barriers due to the lack of effective communication. Actions such as support activities with the community’s participation to interact with people with retardation could be a perfect epitome to illustrate a welfare inclusion tactic.

To conclude with a human perspective, the rights of disabled people should be fully realized, and governments have numerous actions to take to improve disabled people’s systems. However, society should be aware of the actions that can be taken to help others. It is a significant responsibility to deliver improvements in their experiences and outcomes

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