IELTS 2021 Essay Questions & Answers

For: test takers until April 2021

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The structure of this list:


•Sentence paraphrasing the introduction: The first thing you should do before writing your essay is planning your essay. Paraphrasing the intro will give you the first sentence of your introduction.

•Idea 1: This is the first sentence of your body paragraph 1.

•Idea 2: This is the first sentence of your body paragraph 2.

An efficient essay has 4 paragraphs: Introduction, body 1, body 2, and conclusion. Simple! Now that you know the format of the list below, enjoy!

Some people argue that holding sporting events is beneficial to countries’ development. However, other people hold the opposite opinion. Discuss both views and give your own opinion; Tested on: 2021–01–09

Question Rephrased for Intro: Some individuals claim that conducting sporting events is advantageous to the growth of countries. However, the opposite view is held by other individuals.

IDEA Body Paragraph 1: Sports events are useful to increase the fitness culture and wellness, which is a great technique to maintain a healthy nation.

IDEA Body Paragraph 2: Hosting or developing the infrastructure for sporting events is expensive.

Some people think the spread of multinational companies and globalization produce positive outcomes for everyone. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?; Tested on: 2021–01–09

Question Rephrased for Intro: Some individuals believe that the increase of multinational corporations and globalization create benefits for everyone.

Idea 1: The increase of multinational companies is equal to more employment opportunities, which represents an upside in a world where many job positions disappear with new technology.

Idea 2: Multinational businesses must pay taxes, an obligation that helps the growth of responsible nations.

Some people think new homes need to be built with private outdoor space such as a garden, yard, or balcony. Do you think this is more advantageous or more disadvantageous?; Tested on: 2021–01–09

Paraphrasing for the intro: It is commonly believed that the construction of new houses should include private outdoor space such as a garden, backyard, or balcony.

Idea 1: Homes with private outdoor spaces allow tenants and homeowners to enjoy a happier lifestyle surrounded by a little piece of nature.

Idea 2: Maintaining outdoor spaces increase household expenses.

Some people think that hard work helps in achieving financial success while others think it is not the only thing that contributes to financial success. Discuss both views and give your opinion; Tested on: 2021–01–09

Paraphrasing for the intro: While some people think that working hard can increase the possibilities of financial freedom, others believe that numerous factors are fundamental to acquire financial success.

Idea 1: Working more hours per week tend to allow many individuals to achieve in less time their financial goals.

Idea 2: Instead of working hard reaching 60 hours per week, people should work smarter.

Factors that contribute: promotions, new jobs with better pay per hour, positions including commissions, smart use of your income saving, and spending.

My opinion: Even though people who work hard tend to achieve financial success, it is better to work smarter. Working smarter allows people to be happier and healthier because they have more time to share with their families and themselves.

A lot of young people do not know how to manage their money when graduating from high school. What do you think are the reasons? What can be done to teach them this important skill?; Tested on: 2021–01–16

Paraphrasing for the intro: Numerous young adults do not have any ability to manage their finances when they are facing life after high school.

Idea 1: What do you think are the reasons?: The lack of financial education at home and in high school are the main factors contributing to poor money management during the early adulthood.

Idea 2: What can be done to teach them this important skill?: Household leaders and educational instructors in high school should raise awareness about the proper way to handle money as an independent individual.

Surveys show that in many countries, people are living longer but increased life expectancy has many implications for the aging individuals and society as a whole. What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?; Tested on: 2021–01–21

Paraphrasing for the intro: In numerous countries, surveys have shown that human beings are living longer. However, having an increased number of senior citizens in diverse societies has outcomes proper to discuss.

Idea 1: Societies with a higher rate of senior citizens should pay special attention to their public services.

Idea 2: individuals living late in life need to be treated with love and respect.

Sample essay:

When you learn a foreign language, all four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) are equally important. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Tested on: 2021–01–23

Paraphrasing for the intro: In the learning process of another language, the way the language is spoken, heard, and written is equally important.

Idea 1: To be completely integrated with the new language new learners should develop knowledge in the four main aspects.

Idea 2: A person who does not learn the four fundamental factors of learning a new language tend to make mistakes frequently

Sample essay:

More and more plastic waste has polluted cities, countrysides, and oceans. What problems does it cause and what measures can be taken? Tested on: 2021–01–30

Paraphrasing for the intro: Cities, habitats, and seas have been poisoned by more and more plastic waste.

Idea 1: Problem: The increased of plastic pollution is causing biodiversity loss.
Idea 2: Solution: An awareness campaign about how plastic waste is affecting the planet Earth could reduce the current pollution.

People used to live in the same city throughout their lives, but now they change where they live several times. What is the cause? Do you think it is a positive or negative trend? Tested on: 2021–02–13

Idea 1: In today’s modern world the digital revolution has increased remote work opportunities.

Idea 2: Changing living locations on several occasions is an upside to develop a healthier life and improve interpersonal skills.

Some people believe that too many resources and attention are devoted to the protection of wild animals and birds. To what extend do you agree or disagree? Tested on: 2021–02–13

Idea 1: Humans are the voice of speechless animals. Therefore, the resources the nations have will never be enough.

Idea 2: While some countries have efficient wildlife organizations, others do not. Thus, there are always animals at risk.

Nowadays, it is more convenient and easier for people to travel to other countries. Is this a positive or negative development? Tested on: 2021–02–06

Idea 1: Frequent business travelers work to improve their businesses in their local nations.

Idea 2: Affordable flight tickets allow individuals to visit their families living abroad.

Some people think it is always an advantage to buy local products. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Tested on: 2021–02–20

Idea 1: Supporting local business allow communities to increase the quality of living.

Idea 2: Local products tend to have fewer chemical components used to extend the consumption expiration date.

Parents should encourage children to spend less time studying and more time doing physical activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?Tested on: 2021–02–20

Idea 1: The early age of a person’s life is the best time to learn how to create a balance between responsibilities and healthy habits.

Idea 2: An unhealthy study/life balance can decrease emotional intelligence.

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