Industrial Skills or Education First?

Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first? #IELTS

Socrates once said: ‘’The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance’’. A country that does not invest in education will not be able to guarantee a brilliant future. Education is fundamental to development and growth. The following essay will discuss several reasons why promoting education first is more significant than improving industrial skills.

Firstly, knowledge is power, and education the key to economic success. Developing countries are facing numerous challenges due to the lack of education. A perfect illustration is the overpopulation problem. Overpopulation is a situation that is increasing other issues such as pollution and crime. Likewise, with high rates of illiterate people and a fragmented assessment towards education power a question arises: How will a country guarantee without a well-produced education system that industrial skills will have quality and the expected impact?

Considering the point made above, low levels of education drive a country towards general problems. It is difficult to reach technological improvements, health achievements, agricultural innovations, and dynamic industrial advancements, without well-developed human resources. Besides, as cross-cultural awareness of developing challenges grows, the lack of education produces poor management. Poor management has the power to drag a whole nation down.

Consequently, nations of less wealth should increase the priority on their education levels. By establishing far-reaching education goals, a government may guarantee well management of the country’s resources of the future. Likewise, the workforce in numerous industrial fields will offer better results; It would help building schools in remote places without access to education, improving the education system in the communities that already have access, and investing in a well-produced education project.

In conclusion, human resources determine the future and core of a country. Education is the best way to be effective in keeping high-quality human resources. Without hesitation, an effective education system is a key factor to boost the industrial field.

FACT: Without education it is difficult to reach technological improvements, health achievements, agricultural innovations, and dynamic industrial advancements.

Socrates once said, ’’The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance’’

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