More and more plastic waste has polluted cities, countrysides, and oceans. What problems does it cause and what measures can be taken?

2021 | IELTS Problem/Solution Question

Urban centers, countrysides, and seas have been poisoned by more and more plastic pollution. This environmental challenge is causing biodiversity loss. However, if governments implement a well-structured awareness campaign to educate about this issue, we could have a greener future. Below, I will extend my ideas about problems and solutions regarding plastic waste.

(PROBLEM) On the one hand, biodiversity loss if one of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. Unfortunately, when plastic trash reaches the oceans, woods, and outdoors where there is wildlife, they are extremely likely to be affected by plastic containers. Depending on the animal, they do not have the skills and sometimes the body parts to remove some plastic pieces attached to them. Likewise, when plastic containers degrade in the ocean, they tend to release chemicals that some spices are unable to digest or tolerate. Moreover, numerous animals confuse plastic parts with food, in some cases they eat what they found. Since plastic is not meant for consumption more animals are reducing their life expectancy, having an organism unable to adapt to pollution changes in their habitats.

(SOLUTION) On the other hand, governments should create innovative awareness campaigns about the plastic waste challenge. Living in the communication era our leaders should take advantage of digital innovation. In the past teachers at schools and the media were the only methods to educate about environmental problems affecting civilizations worldwide. Today, almost every person has a technological device. Thus, elaborating a digital campaign to reach more online users could help to protect the only planet where we live. As an illustration, a digital campaign could include creative ads presented by social media influencers or paid ads using search engines like Google and Facebook to reach every individual periodically.

In conclusion, humans must evolve away from plastic waste. Humankind should be educated to avoid pointless plastic such as straws or coffee cups while having breakfast at a Café. In order to accomplish success, governments should invest in modern campaigns to reach audiences that could help to reduce the plastic pollution rate.

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