Should Rich Countries Pay More for Environmental Damage?

It is commonly believed that rich countries should pay more for environmental damage, which is a reasonable statement. However, poor countries should also play their part in a problem that belongs to the whole world. Poorer nations can elevate in their population a better understanding of environmental challenges.

It is widely recognized that numerous multinationals are located in developing countries. Usually, these industries have detrimental effects on the natural resources of the country where they are located. The latest illustration of environmental damage was held in Brazil. The Amazons which are the lungs of Planet Earth was the victim of enormous rainforest cut down. Internationally the news broadcasted the significant event, through pictures and videos that would show large areas of wildlife habitats destroyed. Thus, wealthy countries have financial wealth and thepower to work for a better environmental future.

On the other hand, even though developed countries should pay more to heal the planet, especially because in many situations they are the main part of the problem. Developing countries should also play their part. Probably a poor nation won’t be able to support economically a project to cure the Earth. However, there are actions that could be taken by the governments of undeveloped countries; For instance, overpopulation is a social challenge usually seen in poor nations. This problem causes diverse types of pollution. Overpopulation could be controlled by governments under education programs. Educational programs do not require a high investment. Therefore, if governments of poorer nations take care of their overpopulation problems, they will contribute to a greener future.

In conclusion, wealthy nations should pay more for environmental damage. Developed countries have the financial power to work on long-term projects to save the planet from a gray future. In contrast, even though developing nations do not have the funds to invest in significant green projects, several actions could be implemented by the governments to collaborate in the reduction of the environmentally damaging effects.

Poor countries should also play their part in a problem that belongs to the whole world.

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