Some people think that hard work helps in achieving financial success while others think it is not the only thing that contributes to financial success. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IELTS 2021 | 2 Views and Opinion

While some people think that working hard can increase the possibilities of financial freedom, others believe that numerous factors are fundamental to acquire financial success. From my perspective working smarter is better than working more than 40 hours per week or under extreme working conditions. Below, it will be explained both views with arguments and illustrations.

On the one hand, it is commonly believed that people working hard can help to acquire financial success. Individuals working 60 hours per week, having 2 or 3 jobs, and in some cases without off days tend to reach faster their financial goals than those who do not practice the same habits. Some social media influencers support this practice. As an illustration, the world-famous realtor Ryan Serhant from New York, recently said in an interview that individuals must be willing to work on weekends to increase their network and be ahead of the competition. He is a living proof of success who somehow with this concept can manage a balance with his personal life. This type of motivational conversations in business promotes the idea of working hard to acquire success.

On the other hand, and from my perspective, people should work smarter. Unfortunately, some individuals get stuck in job environments where they would not like to be. Working 60 hours per week, having 2 jobs, and sometimes even accepting temporary offers could have a positive impact on finances. However, if a person has the power to work more than the average to acquire their financial goals, they also can think about ideas to generate more working less. For instance, a person who owns a company and is working more than 40 hours a week to guarantee their company’s success should learn how to delegate and work on methods to trust their employees. From another perspective, the mother waking up at 5 am to work more than 12 hours a day, should consider if it is time to ask for a promotion, if she should change to another company that pays more per hour doing the same, or if she has the skills to start something more profitable.

In conclusion, people are the creators of their circumstances. Working hard can guarantee financial success but working smarter can give you the freedom to have a better balance in life. It is up to the individual to build financial freedom based on the methods that work better for them.

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